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Here at Optique Boutique we feel it is essential to carry through to lens dispensing, the expert advice given in the test room. Our qualified staff will advise on lens types and suitability to achieve the very best level of vision.


As Independent Opticians here at Optique Boutique we are committed to providing the highest standards of eye care and this extends to the quality of the spectacle lenses we use.

Our experienced staff will always give professional, honest advice on the best products and different options available with regard to lenses, and all costs will be fully explained. As Independent opticians we are able to supply lenses from many manufacturers. We therefore source the best lenses at the best prices as we keep up to date will all new lenses available in Single vision, Bifocal and Varifocals as lens technology advances.


The key to good vision and eye health is having your eyes tested on a regular basis. You are eligible to a FREE EYE TEST if you are a child under 16, a full time student under 19, an adult over 60, suffer from Diabetes, Glaucoma or you are over 40 with a close relative who is a Glaucoma sufferer. Various tax credits and benefits may also mean you will qualify for a Free test and help towards spectacle costs. Please call to make an appointment or to check your eligibility.


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Essilor Lenses

Optique Boutique are proud to be an Essilor Certified Practice in Varilux Consultancy.

Essilor is a world leader in quality optical products, but are probably best know for their Varifocal lens, Varilux. We ensure we keep up to date with all lens advances as the portfolio of products increases with advances in lens technology.

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Transitions Lenses

Transitions adaptive lenses are designed to quickly adapt from clear to fully dark in bright sun, offering an advantage over clear everyday lenses. They continuously adapt to changing light so they are exactly the shade you need them to be. The features of transitions lenses are:

- completely clear indoors and at night

- fast fade back

- 100% UVA and UVB Ray block

- Fits any prescription and frame ( single vision, bifocal and varifocal)

- Suitable for any age including children

- available in grey or brown

Please ask in store for a quote!

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Multi Anti-Reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection coatings can be added to any ophthalmic lens and gives the wearer comfort of vision in terms of:

- Transparency - for clarity of vision

- Scratch resistance - for durability

- Anti- static properties - avoid dust deposits on the lens

- Smudge resistance - avoid finger prints

- Water repellence

Anti reflection coatings cost from only £14.00 for single vision lenses and £30.00 for bifocal or varifocal lenses * costs quoted are in addition to the lens cost *


"Three generations of our family have used this practice for more than thirty years. The standards of professionalism and care have never varied. We particularly appreciate the choice of designer frames that are made available, as well as the more affordable frames for the older generation "

Donald and Christine Ross Abram, Wigan



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